“I decided to give a gospel charity concert in aid of the Hurricane victims in Dominica, and my band and I sing and play gospel pop with many well-known songs like Amazing Grace, Down by the Riverside and Joshua at the Battle of Jericho , also for everyone to sing along!”

Mary Sylvester began her career in New York. Mary Sylvester and her brothers, the band “The Sylvesters”, recorded several albums in the USA. One of them is: “The time is now to get together”, a soulful ballad.

Mary Sylvester & Band received the famous “Caribbean Music Award”. Mary Sylvester is touring in Europe, performing live music of all kinds: Blues, Rock, Funk, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, and Gospel.

As a trained actress, Mary Sylvester played in theatres in Germany and has radio- and TV-experience. Mary Sylvester sings as well in large halls as in small clubs. Her heart went for the Gospel-music, the heritage of her ancestors. These songs full of religiosity she performs in churches, at weddings, private parties, and at funerals.

About the music:
“A distinct and benevolent vibe emanates from all these tracks courtesy of the multi-talented Mary Sylvester. Her richly textured compositions not only effuse soul but also have a message to boot ensuring that, like the greatest of songs, they work on many different levels”. (DickB, London)

Mary Sylvester – her unique style
The text and the music from the Soul singer from USA is a unity. Mary Sylvester texts and composes many of her songs herself. Her style is unique and inspiring, and much of her fascination is coming from her great experience in live performance.

Mary Sylvester-CDS
Also the buyers of her CDs will be rewarded; on every record you feel the prickling live atmosphere. The songs of Mary Sylvester are plain to understand with the message she brings across, and the singer, like Albert Schweitzer, has an awe of life and produces good vibrations, but most of all, a “Good Feeling”!

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